It's super simple and easy to inquire about your next party, event or wedding. For weddings click here to get started with our wedding questionnaire. To learn more about the process of working with Bird & Bumble, we have outlined our six step procedure from initial contact to final delivery here.

What If I am not sure about my budget?

Bird & Bumble is willing to work with all budgets, this is part of the reason we offer multiple packages and various options for service. That said, we believe it is our job to educate and guide you through your design, flower selection, and vision for your wedding. According to The Knot one should expect to pay about 10% of the overall budget on flowers. With national wedding averages according to the The Knot at $35,329 in 2016, most brides with bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and approximately 20 table arrangements should anticipate costs beginning at $2,500.  There are many great websites and calculators out there to help you compare prices. This article by Brides breaks down each element within an invoice and gives a price range based on two different budgets. It also gives some helpful suggestions about being creative, thinking about what matters most, and asking your florist for advice. We love this resource from the Wedding Wire too, as it outlines many of duties, tasks and services a florist offers you throughout the wedding process.

Where Does Bird & Bumble Source their floral product?

We are excited about collaboration at Bird & Bumble, the kind of community that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. When possible we use local Milwaukee based flower growers and gardens to source incredible product for our clients. Unfortunately due to short growing season this is not always possible. I primarily buy international and national flowers through Rojahn and Malaney through my wholesaler Jodi. I love that this is a third generation family business with amazing product and service.