Wire Sculpture & FLoral Design

Collaboration between James Paterson and Rebecca Hawkins



Bird and Bumble is derived from my maiden name, Beeh, and my married name, Hawkins. I love how we see birds and bees instinctively gravitate to flora and fauna as a way of life and sustenance. This idea of dependence, play and connection is central to my vision as a designer. I love to create beautiful and functional artworks for my clients that ground them to their community.

I am very interested in connecting fellow creatives: gardeners, growers, artists, and florists to form a synergetic community. I believe that the arts should be collaborative and not competitive. I love doing large scale projects because I can work with additional designers, freelancers and artists.

Please look for my upcoming project with Maggie Pieper, owner of Paperwhite Designs at the Milwaukee Art Museum, when we will feature a collective piece showcased in Art in Bloom.